Switchblade Surfboards - Handmade by hand


Ding Repair Update

Switchblade Surfboards is no longer accepting ding repairs. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ding Repair Costs

Basic Dings/Punctures

$50 minimum – sand finish

$70 minimum – polish finish.

Nose/Tail/Rail Crunch

$65 minimum – sand finish

$80 minimum – Full rebuild


$50up FCS single fin plug replacement

$100up Futures or FCS Fusion fin box replacement

$100up long box replacement

$65up glassed on fix

$90up glassed on LB fin

$200up new fin system install

Leash Plugs

$50 leash plug install

$50up leash plug replacement

$60up glass leash loop install

Broken Boards

$150up shortboard

$200up longboard

Buckled Boards

$120up shortboard

$150up longboard

Delam Patches

$80up shortboard

$90up longboard

$50up Stringer take down

Colour Matching

$40 for 1st colour
$10 for each additional colour

No guarantee on perfect match

Rush Jobs

$25 for 1 week or less

$40 for next day


• Each additional ding wont incur an entire new cost, lower rates apply

• Most prices are for a sanded finish, add $10 – $25 for polished finish

• Prices may vary due to extent of surrounding damage, delamination

• Boards with excessive wax are subject to $10 clean up fee

• $2/day storage fee for boards left past 2 weeks of ready date

• 10% discount for BC Made Boards • 10% additional cost for Overseas Popouts

We stand by our work and guarantee it’s done right the first time. If it’s not we’ll do it again for free. Thanks for trusting us to get the most surf out of your board and get you back in the water. See you in the shop