Switchblade Surfboards - Handmade by hand

About Us

Welcome to Vancouver's Biggest Little Surf Shop.

We provide surfers with handcrafted made-to-order boards, custom artwork, professional ding repair services along with a range of surf gear and accessories.  Switchblade Surfboards was formed in 2010 and they have grown from shaping boards to a full service surf shop.  Surfer owned and operated, we are proud to live and work in East Vancouver.  We are dedicated to being part of an important group of next generation hand shapers.  Listening to the surfer and involving them is an important and fun part of the surfboard making process.  Every aspect of the overall design such as foam volume, glass weight and fin setup is discussed to ensure you get your perfect board.  It’s important to know what the surfer is looking for in a board, and it’s just as important to know where that board is coming from.

Switchblade Surfboards Vancouver Surf Shop

Meet Our Team

Chris Worgan

Partner / Shaper

Raised in the Kootneys, Chris moved to the coast in 2003 and quickly traded in snowboard boots for booties.  It wasn’t long before surf travel took over and a chance meeting with a shaper in Argentina led to the making of his first board. 

Hamish Rennie

Partner / Shop Manager

The thrill of mountains and sea brought Hamish to Vancouver over a decade ago. Bonding over waves and beers on various surf trips, he joined the Switchblade crew in 2013 to help build their passion into a brand.